ePMP 1000 PTP Internet


I already have internet access from the PMP450 SM. Now I want to share that internet access with my other office which is located a few meters away with good LoS. How do I set up a PTP Wireless link to carry internet traffic from the office with the router to the other office using ePMP 1000 PTP link?

Two ePMP SMs will do the job. If they're as close as you're describing then any SM will do, at longer distances you'd want the narrower antenna angle and higher gain of a dish.

So two Force180 radios should suffice. (We've used them to connect office to house, etc at distances from 100ft to just over a mile)  Program one as AP, either TDD-PTP or ePTP Master, ACS enabled.  I'd suggest setting 'Management Access' to 'Ethernet and Wireless' on System config, and set a unique WPA2 key.  Keep the other one as an SM, set to TDD or ePMP Slave as appropriate to match master, DISABLE Ethernet Port Security.

You might need to cut the Master end's transmit power drastically to get the best link, the Slave end should auto-adjust to try to reach the Subscriber Module Target Receive Level set in the Master.


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