Epmp 1000 Sectoral Antenna Distance 5 KM Speed 30 Mbps / 60 Mbps

Hello how are all friends of the forum cambium following I will be sharing and little information about the radio cambium epmp 1000 antenna sectoral and on the user side using an antenna force 110 for a distance of 5 km only able to get 30Mbps downlink and uplink 60Mbps using 20MHz whether by peer to peer all has a maximum or they could increase his speed again beg enlightenment for configuration and test results are here Setting Wireless Cambium Epmp 1000

I am waiting for information from friends cambium greetings from my forum sanusi from Jakarta Indonesia



The ePMP is a high performance wireless bridge for Ethernet traffic with a maximum UDP
throughput of 200+ Mbps (40 MHz Channel Bandwidth).

If you run it on 20MHz the throught-put will be half of this, which means close to 100 Mbps that is in case the conditions are very good along with good receive values.

From the screen-shots what I can see is you are getting 30/60 which is 90 Mbps,  pretty close to what is expected.

Not sure if there is any issue.


Hardik Patel

What do the MCS rates look like on the link?  There are seven other SMs on that AP, are you sure no one else is using bandwidth?

Assuming you have a clean channel and the AP is not busy with other user traffic you should see 80+mbps in both directions on a link test.



If you are running on maximum modulation MC15 you would get 170 + aggregate using flexible mode. Sometime too high RSSI will also reselect in low performance. I see you have set the  maximum transmit power for short link, try to reduce the transmit power and see if the throughput increases. 

I have attached the throughput table for 20MHz bandwidth in flexible mode, you should be able to get this information from the user guide.

Also, what is the RF link test result for rest of the SMs? 


Kumaran K

My setup,

Base station AC 60 Degres 21dbm epmp 1000 without GPS ratio 75/25 frame size 5 MS, client side force 180.

client side.pngclient side 1.png

PTP Setup, 2 force 180 NLos ePTP mode.


Other PTP Setup, 2 force 180 ePTP mode Los.

PTP 2.pngPTP 2.1.png

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