ePMP 1000 Synchronized Deregister all the SM


I have a problem with a ePMP1000 AP, the radio looks like works fine but it deregister all the SM that it have for one moment and when the SM comes again it shown with -97/-97 dB and stays that way.

As well, when we change something like the frecuency and you need to save or reboot, we need to disconect and reconnect 'cause the device turn off.

Please help me what can we do.


Hi, could you please give some more info about your site ? (Are there more Cambium Ap at the same place?, are all of them synchronized?, do the other ones show the same behaviour?, what soft ver are you using? what is your noise floor at this site?, how many stations on this AP?, what do you mean when you say it turns off?.


Hi, yes, we have another 3 ePMP 1000 in the same tower all synchronized, it's the only has that behaivour, we are using 2.4.3 in all the devices, we have connected to this AP 87 SM, when I say "turns off" we cannot reach the device after we save the changes, i'ts like the devices disconnect and stays that way until someone go and disconnect and connect again the cable from the ePMP.


Hi Silvia,

Could you please share information from System log from AP when disconnects happens.

Is GPS sync in use on that AP?

I can assume that disconnects happens because of GPS sync was lost.

Please verify your GPS chip has up-to-date  firmware version and see enough sattelits all the time.

Thank you.

I think the best advice in this case is update all the units to 2.6.1 and see how it goes.