ePMP 1000 upgrade issues


I've recently begun testing out the ePMP line. I ordered a batch of 10 ePMP Force 1000 with the connectorized radios. It seems every time I ugprade the firmware to v.2.5.1 I lose contact with the radio and I have to do a hard reset to get it working. But if I do a reboot, I can no longer access the radio again. I forgot the see what current version the radios have, but I do the the interface changes from a dark background to a white one.

Is there a certain upgrade path I have to take to get these radios stable?

OH wow, if you're getting ePMP radios that have the dark background with the orange and blue buttons, then they have a really really old firmware. I think what you're seeing is normal... Cambium changed the default management IP's somewhere between that old firmware rev and 2.5.1.

I think what I would do is update to 2.5.1 (if they're GPS units don't forget to update the GPS firmware too! It uses the same firmware image)... and then reset to factory defaults, and then you should be good to go from there, configure and hang them.


Just to add to Eric's recommendation, if they are GPS Sync radios, remember to upgrade twice, to make sure both the active and inactive partitions are upgraded to the latest version.


I've tried that and after reseting the radios with the reset button I do gain access to them once again. The issue I have is after I configure the radios I do a reboot to make sure the settings hold. That is when the problem occcurs and they do not come back online after rebooting thru the web interface. I literally have to unplug them from the POE to get them to work. These are non-sync radios and I upload v2.5.1non-sync. I currently use on the old firmware and new firmware to access them. What IP should I be using when its updated to v2.5.1?

So far I've only managed to get 3 out of 5 radios up and running. Before I left work I downgraded a radio from v2.5.1 to v2.5. After the reboot it came back up fine. I left work but left it plugged into my computer. That was able 4 hours ago. I'm logged in remotely to my work computer and see that I've lost ping connectivity to that radio but I do see a network connection. Is there some sort of sleep in these radios? I am wondering since these radio do have old firmware that perhaps I need to step my way up to v2.5.1. I still have 5 more I need to unbox and setup for use. Any other ideas to help would be appreciated. Thanks

Update: This morning I came and physically rebooted the radio again. I was then able to get back into the radio with no issues. I then performed a reboot thru the web interface. It locked up on me once again. After ather physical reboot, the unit was back online and working fine. I was able to configure it and reboot it thru the web interface many times without it locking up. I have sent this unit out into the field to try out. I have 4 more radios to setup and will update if I can reproduce the problem again.

It almost seems like the radio needs a few reboots to get it working on the new firmware. Though this radio was left on v2.5. The next radios I'll try v2.5.1 again.

For the recent loads, the fallback ip address is Could you verify if they are accessible via that ip address?


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It seems that was the case for these radios. With the last 3 units I've setup, I first change the static IP on the radio then do the upgrade on them. Logging back in is no longer issue.  I'm able to log back in and continue to work. Thanks for your guys help.