ePMP 1000 Upgrade Path

Can't find any documentation on the upgrade path for ePMP 1000 firmware.  We are on 2.4.3-RC16 .  Can I go straight to 4.4?

No, you'll get an error... that's too big of a jump. Try updating to 2.5 or 2.6, then 3 or 3.5.6, then to 4.4.3. I think you can do this in 2-3 steps but you might have to play around with the old firmware a bit. You can find the files to do this HERE. ALSO, if this is a GPS radio, you might need to update that as well. I think the UI will tell you if this needs to be updated, and you can use the same radio firmware to update the GPS firmware. Warning! It takes like 10-15min for the GPS firmware to update.

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This upgrade path worked.  Latency went from 200 ms to 25 ms.  Thanks Eric!