ePMP-1000 - Version 5.xx Firmware Will Not Load

Using the software upgrade function in cNMaestro - why will the 5.xx versions not load on the ePMP-1000’s.

When cNMaestro tries to load one of the 5.xx version, cNMaestro comes back and says "skipped?

Further information - When CnMaestro tries to load any of the Version 5.xx shown on the software upload page - one of the other error messages says “The software image is not available to download”

Further Further Information - When I went to the Cambium Support page to see what the latest versions were for all of the ePMP radios, I find that version 4.7 is the last version for 99% of the ePMP products.

However the ePMP 400/425 says that they will take Version 5.xx ePMP firmware.

I have always been under the impression that when you selected a particular model of radio in your network for CnMaestro to upgrade the firmware - that CnMaestro was smart enough to only list the firmware versions that the particular model of radio would accept.

Evidently that is not the case!

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cnMaestro is per product family based, but not per device based.
This will be resolved once the common firmware version for all ePMP products is available.
Sorry for temporary inconveniences caused.

Thank you.


Danny, if you have any doubts about the firmware version, always check https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/epmp1000_2000_ap/ first.
There it is clearly written what is for what and what is the latest version.


As Pshemo said, always check the downloads section.

Adding to that, epmp1000 can NOT run the 5.x firmware. That is for the AX devices (F400c, F425, epmp4500, epmp4600). The epmp1000, f180, f190 and f200 are N based devices, the epmp3000, epmp3000L, all of the f300 line are AC based devices.

N and AC devices are compatible with eachother but the AX devices are not.