EPMP 1000 with sync lightning

I have a problem, 8 months ago I installed 3 sectors, and they were hit by lightning.

Before the event, the antennas were transmitting correctly the up and down speeds, they receive a 400mbs/ps down feed and 100mps down feed.

Currently, the download width does not exceed 35~40mpbs, and the up width 1.2~1.6mbps, on both 40 or 20m channels. The transmission speeds are not working properly after the impact.

  • The distances between the sectorial and the receiving ones, are of maximum 3.2km.
  • The sector ones are 3 EPMP 1000 with zync radius
  • And the receivers are EPMP 1000 FORCE 190

However, after the lightning strike, only the radios were replaced, and the antennas were not.

any ideas please?
Is it possible that the dish is damaged and apart from the radio?

We had an omni one time hit by lightning, and the radio was ‘deaf’ after that. We replaced the radio, and all seemed well. Signals were exactly where they originally were, and up/down worked great.

Then we began to notice that signals seemed to cycle occasionally - so looking at our MRTG Graphs, we’d see all the signals go up to normal, and then periodically all drop, and then slowly rise again. Sometimes it would be good for weeks, and sometimes they’d drop down and up a few times in a couple weeks.

We eventually climbed to the Omni, and discovered the top couple inches had been scorched and burnt and blown off by the lightning The signal fade were were seeing was simply the tube filling up with water when it rained, and then slowly draining out and drying. It was silly of us not to notice it when we changed the radio, but that day, the signals were 100% with the new radio, and a dry/empty omni.

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