Epmp 1000 x sectoral ubnt

hi, i’m curious that is it possible to install cambium epmp 1000 to sectoral ubnt AM 5G19 120 AM-5G19-120? :thinking:

Of course you can, the only problem is how to mechanically connect the ePMP 1000 and Ubiquiti antenna.
I did it all doing great.


I use these “schelne” as it is called with you I do not know but from the picture you will understand. Take a very thin one that will be enough to hold an ePMP 1000 radio.
Tighten the screw so that it does not break the ePMP 1000 case. It works very well fo
This only applies to the epmp 1000 connectorized radio, I hope you asked about that



I’m not familiar with that exact sector but if it is the standard ubiquiti rocket radio mount then:

RF Elements EasyBracket EB-EPMP


As brubble said, the standard RFE or KPP bracket slides into the plastic clip, the radio just stands off by 3/8 of an inch.

We do this with the UBNT rocket dishes (cheap customer side dish), though yhe cover has to be heated with a heat gun to get it flexible enough to clip onto the antenna with a e1kL attached.

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hoohh thanks, finally I got the answer after searching in other forums. this is very helpful. thank you very much :grin: