ePMP 180 default username and password

i have ePMP 180 and i need to input to my settings , but i cant bcs i dont know username and password
please some one help me
i try 1000 times

default username & password are admin/admin

i try that , not working

You can do factory reset and try accessing the radio


To reset the device to its factory default configuration (depress the button for more than ten seconds then release)

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yes it’s working
but i lose my setting and information because i connected with tower
and i dont know tower password & ip

  • the default username & password :
    admin / admin
    home / home
    installer / installer
    readonly / readonly

So, you are a customer of a WISP using Cambium Product and just reset the device?

Out of curiosity… why?

Because I did not know the username and password, and because I wanted to go into the device’s settings and connect to one of the towers near me, but I messed up everything

Why would you even try? ever think that your WISP may not own the closer tower? or if they do maybe you can not connect to it for one of possibly 50 reasons including does not have compatible equipment on it?
If one of our clients did this they would be in breach of their contract and may be suspended or even disconnected. If your WISP fixes this for you, I would be surprised if you still had access to the web page after this.