EPMP 2.4 Elevate - Duplicate MAC Addresses

I've found that I have 2 Elevated clients that are using the same MAC address (02:C9:00:00:00:00) on the management side of the connection. We use a management VLAN on the AP & SM and the SM get a management IP address assigned from the DHCP server (Mikrotik). Since both SM are using the same MAC address the DHCP server is handing them the same management IP address -


To test/verify I set a static DHCP lease for that mac address at and rebooted just one of the SM to force the SM to request a DHCP lease. The rebooted SM did grab the static lease of

So now I had one SM a and the other at, however both have the same MAC address as shown in the screen shot of the ARP table of the router.

After a few minutes the SM that wasn't rebooted refreshed it's DHCP lease and changed from to as well as shown in the screen shot from the wireless table of the AP.


I also included screen shots from the SM's showing that they have different hardware mac addresses.


Both SM's started at 3.4.1, however for testing I upgraded one SM to 3.5 to see if the MAC would change (I assume its a calculated value or random)

Hi Robert,

Could you please let us know which devices are affected?

I see that both are ePMP Elevate 2.4 GHz, but I would be really grateful if you could provide Hardware Version.

Thank you.

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The Blake SM is: ePMP Elevate NB-M2-V2-XM

The Carl SM is: ePMP Elevate NB-M2-V2-XM

So they are the same hardware versions.


Obviously getting into these two radio's from remote to manage them is a pain right now but it hasn't affected the WAN/Data path. The MAC shown on the PPPoE connection (PPPoE on the SM) is different for both SM's

Thank you for provided information.
We will try to reproduce issue in our Lab.
I will revert to you soon.

Thank you.

Issue has been confirmed.

Only NB-M2-V2-XM are affected.

We are going to fix issue asap.

Thank you.


Sounds good, thanks!