ePMP 200 Hibernate

Hi guys,

Just wondering if other experience the same situation where the radio is hibernating/sleep.

When there is no connectivity between the radio or 1 of the radio doesnt have a pair, it will go to “sleep mode” . If i power up the pair, they will not connected to each other. Need to reboot the radio, then they will pair up.

Im using the radio ePMP200 and firmware 4.7

That’s very possibly the problem , 4.7 was a pretty terrible version and I believe having to power cycle F200’s was one of the bugs in 4.7 and didn’t get fixed The most current beta might fix it or you might just be better off rolling back to 4.6.1 or 4.6.2 if it will let you (4.7 will not let you roll back some radios to 4.6)

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