ePMP 200 Horn that fits into a UBNT Powerbeam Dish.

We are currently looking at making a switch to ePMP from UBNT powerbeams and been able to just switch out a Horn would make the process a lot more financially viable.

A great way to help make transitions easier would be to engineer a Horn that could be swapped into a UBNT Dish.

Then we would only need to purchase horns for our other 5000+ UBNT clients.

Just a thought.

If the focal points are the same, and the hole in the ubnt dish is bigger than the F200 base diameter, then maybe an adapter flange could be worked out(by a 3rd party).

But a different feed plastic mold just to cover this user case? very unlikely.

possible low performance aside, i think this kind of hack could make the FCC a tad unhappy if you live in an FCC area...