ePMP 2000 and Force 180

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I am in Senegal country,and i'm new installer for Cambium equipement. I install ePMP 2000 with ePMP 1000 and a smart antenna. I have configure all the parameter for the ePMP 2000 and a force 180 but in the configuration, senegal is not in the country who use Cambium. I don't no which frequencies can i use for my cambium. It is one test i want to do before deploy cambium network on this country.

Are there some licence key who must to be activate or not? 

Somebody can help me?

Is Google not an option in Senegal?

According to the International Telecommunication Union, your local regulatory agency is ART. 


Governance: The regulator ART (Agence de Régulation des Télécommunications) is funded wholly by spectrum fees and is responsible for spectrum management. Broadcasting spectrum is assigned by ART. Spectrum is assigned on demand.

Fees: Spectrum fees are levied.*

Priorities: It is not known whether spectrum scarcity is an issue.

(from https://www.itu.int/ITU-D/treg/projects/itu-ec/Ghana/modules/FinalDocuments/Spectrum.pdf )

*: There are currently two cellular GSM operators in Senegal: Sentel and Sonatel operating in the 900 MHz frequency range. Coverage is good around Dakar, the coastal area and along the border with Mauritania. The government plans to license a second national operator and a third mobile operator, following a tender expected to be launched in June 2005. 

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OK but I would like to know if it was possible to align the ePMP 2000 with a FORCE 180 because that is the purpose of my research currently. I have installed the ePMP 2000+ ePMP1000 and a smart antenna. When configuring the ePMP2000, since senegal is not one of the countries who use CAMBIUM, I chose in COUNTRY: Other. I would like to choose a free frequency of 5Ghz to do the alignment with a FORCE 180. Is it possible to do the alignment or it requires a license that I must ask the supplier CAMBIUM NETWORK? It is this test i want to do before go to ARTP. I need somebody help because we never use cambium in SENEGAL, we want to know if we can use CAMBIUM equipement here, are there one licence key for use equipement cambium?


If you select Country: Other in your AP, that will allow you to select a frequency and set the AP for service. No other license will be required. When in this mode, as an operator, you are resposible for following the regulations in your country, as the radio equipment will not impose any limitations other than the limitations of the equipment by design.