Epmp 2000 AP became AP Lite

hi, one of my epmp 2000 AP device became AP Lite after power cut, tried applying a new licence but didnt help, i bought these epmp 2000 AP devices as full AP and has been using them since October 2017 as full AP, dont understand why this is happened? Please can you help asap as many customers are offline, thanks

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Hi. You are best to open a Support Ticket ASAP. These community forums are designed for user-to-user support… but for the quickest support directly from Cambium, a Support Ticket is your best bet.



we once had the same problem, resting the device via reset button removed the problem

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We had 2000 do this once and also and like yours had to factory default it to fix. Ours wasn’t a 2000L to start with it just decided to identify as a 2000L all of a sudden one night.

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