ePMP 2000 AP maximum throughput

Best regards. What is maximum throughput for 2000AP? I am currently using 3.5.6, will the new version affect performance?

My max status:


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Depends on the quality and number of client connections.  In theory 50 Clients in the vacuum of space, on the dark side of the moon, in a giant RF shielded super dome and perfectly aimed client antennas and all of them within the strongest part of the AP antennas radiation pattern you could approach 200Mbps.   

On earth where you have air, and rain and ice and trees and birds and interfering RF (most from unknown/known sources you have no control over and some self inflicted)  and clients spread out all over the antenna's radiation pattern, most pretty well aligned, some maybe a little off while others the customer parked a buss, or trailer, or tractor trailer in front of the radio...   well then it varies.

The rates you provide can affect it a great deal also. A customer with a 50Mbps rate and poor link will eat up a lot more frame time than a 1/2 dozen bad links with 4Mbps rates.  

 On average we get about 60Mbps +/- 5Mbps peak out of our 5Ghz APs regardless of v3.4.1 or v3.5.6 or 4.4.1 firmware.  

Edit: Oh and channel width is a huge part of that of course. For 200Mbps you would have to be using 40Mhz channels. On PtMP AP's we currently only use 20Mhz channels. 

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What's your downlink frame utilization look like during peak hours when the AP is hitting 90mbps? That figure will give you a good idea of how much capacity your AP has left. That being said, I'd expect more then 90mbps of throughput when using a 40MHz channel. It should be approaching 200mbps under ideal circumstances. If you're not already using 5ms frames, you can get about a 10% throughput improvement over 2.5ms frames. You can get another 10% by upgrading everything to 4.4.3 and using short GI mode.


Thank you. My current settings:

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First, I'm jelly of that RSSI considering you're at 40Mhz channels !  But then , that 0dBi antenna at 30dBm power I'm guessing you aren't in FCC land.

2nd funny that the guys on the beam forming sector have no better uplink to downlink RSSI / MCS ratio than the guys that arn't on it... worse over all I think.

Other than that poor guy at -89 (with -61 up and -89 down at 30dBm transmit power... something is wrong at that guy's radio) I would think you should be getting a lot more than 88Mbps. Is it possible that your users on that AP just aren't pulling more than 88Mbps ?   I would think maybe interference but not sure how that's a thing when a guy with -89/-61  has MCS 14/13.  

Is your "frame time used" capping out during the high use periods ? If not then your AP has more to give the users just aren't needing it.

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Thank you for your reply.

  • 0dBi antenna is for testing only
  • An SM that has a -81 / -61 signal is an AirGrid Elevate that is not dual radio.
  • Frame size is 5ms

@MaxDin wrote:

I am currently using 3.5.6, will the new version affect performance?

Yes - overall it may give a 10% boost, BUT it depends on the what & why you are currently hitting the wall you're hitting. For example, if the cap is because of users pinning your AP with too many small packets and maxing out your frame time.. then 4.4.3 or 4.5-RC54 may do a good job for you (short GI and other enhancements).

On the other hand, if you have a bunch of Elevated clients and if some of them are the older UBNT hardware which doens't support Short GI, then you won't be able to use that feature on the AP anyway, and you may or may not see as much of a boost.

I can tell you this - yesteday I upgraded a PTP550 Backhaul (which has 802.11AC Wave2 hardware) from older firmware to 4.5-RC54 and after a reboot and turning on some of the new 4.5 enhancements (such as ePTP / Flexible mode) and my backhaul speed doubled instantly. Not everyone in every situation would see that kind of boost, but we had the perect storm of things working for us I guess, and new firmware was dramatic.

However - in order to try it, you'd really need to upgrade all SM's and the AP all to the new version, so you'll want to have all your Ducks in a Row...  You'll want to check some of the things BRubble asked about (such as frame utilization) and also make sure all your elevated hardware is going to be happy with the new firmware before you try it. :)

I hope you do - and if so - please report back either way.... I'm interested to know what you decide and how it goes for you.  :)

Not Frame Size but "Frame Time Used"

Frame Size is how big the slices of time are, the Frame Time Used is how much of those slices are being used 

Monitor > Performance > Downlink Fram Time (Very bottom of the page). 

Once you are using 90%+ of your frame time, you are pretty much out of frames. So if you are doing 88Mbps but only 60% of frame time is being used at that time then either there is another issue or your clients just aren't needing more than 88Mbps at that time. However if you are hitting 88Mbps and using all or nearly all of your frame time then that's all the Megabits your AP can deliver given the quality of some of your client connection or what they are doing with the connection.  

 Can you post the performance page of the AP?

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Thank you.

Total Frame Time Used