ePMP 2000 Ethernet negotiation issues with Surge Supressors

We are building a new site with ePMP2000 APs. Cable run is 175Ft, shelter to radio on tower. We have tried Cambium's 33A surge suppressors at top and bottom, Transector ALPU-Fit (what we usually use with ePMP 1000), and no surge. All cables have been throughly tested with a Fluke meter to indicate that all 8 wires + shield are intact.

What we are seeing is that the switch will show the port bounce about 10 times at 1gig before settling in at 100M-F. One of the 4 radios will bounce about 10 times 100M-F, then stay or drop to 10M-F.

If we remove the surge protectors, all 4 radios will link at 1gig.

The only thing that I can think of is a ground plane difference, but it's an FM site, with copper strap from the tower coming in to where we ground our cabinet and surges at.

Anybody have thoughts?

Negotiation issues on FM site. Been there, done that.  See: Ferrite Cores and Copper Clad shielded cable.