ePMP 2000 Issue

We replaced 4 ePMP 1000 sectors on tuesday with the new ePMP2000 sectors with the smart antennas . We are noticing that one of the sectors that has about 24 SMs connected and is randoming booting the same 8 SMs, the other 3 sectors aren't dropping as much but some.  All the SMs are upgraded to 3.0 firmware, and they all have great signals, the worst signal on that sector being a -66. Is anyone else seeing this issue, and if so have you figured out a solution. I know its not a channel issue because we are running the sectors on 5.1 ghz channels , which ridiculously clean in that area.


Are you using 3.0RC27 on the AP's and on all of the SM's?

Yes, I have it on all the sectors and sms on the tower

Are the SM's in question actually being booted from the AP or are they rebooting?

Also, can you give a little information on your AP config?

We're using a 2000 w/BSA with around 33 SM's. We're using 20MHz ch width in 5.8, 2.5ms frame size, and a 75/25 downlink/uplink ratio. We're not using back to back frequency reuse, however we do have GPS sync turned on.

20 Mhz channel 5220 is the freq, 5.0 ms frame time and it is set for 75/25 ratio. I am not reusing freq, and we using timiing .


I've sent e-mail letter for you regarding that issue.

Waiting for you response.

Thank you.


do I need to upgrade all SM to 3.0beta to let the SM connect to the EPMP2000?

I currently have all my network to 2.6.2 and EPMP1000AP

Hello Maggiore81,

Although it is recomended for the AP and its SMs to be running the same sw version, to achieve full compatibility of feature set, you will be able to have your SMs running 2.6.2 register and work with an ePMP2000 running sw version 3.0.