ePMP 2000 (Lite) - Radio transmitter OFF and no GPS sync suddenly.


Our ePMP 2000 AP lite suddenly dropped the clients (no registered subscribers).  The AP System Status page is reporting that the Radio Transmitter is OFF and that the GPS sync is OFF (no GPS sync).   It also shows that the GPS firmware needs updating. However, checking the firmware page, it says GPS firmware is up to date.

Rebooted the AP several times.  Changed frequencies.  No change to radio transmitter nor the GPS status.  Ran eDetect to see if the AP can see any RF.  It provided feedback for eDetect.

Any ideas on why the radio transmitter would suddenly go offline and also the GPS to be off?   The radio was operating fine for the past 35 days based on the last reboot.  Just stopped.  No weather in the area or anything.


The things I’d try is:
I’d try uploading the firmware to the GPS again anyway, just to see.
I’d also try changing the config to turn GPS off (internal sync) and save/reboot - and then once the SMs reconnect, I’d switch back to GPS sync and save/reboot and see if basically turning GPS off & on helps unconfuse it.


What version of firmware ? 

What does the  Monitor -> GPS  page show ?

Probably your best bet is to use sync over power...  Really hoping ePMP does a better job with the GPS on the 3000, it's pretty much garbage on the 1000/2000. We have one tower that we can not use 3rd party sync over power solution on (everything except the radios at the top of the water tower is inside steel and concrete walls/ceiling) and it constantly loses sync.  We went up the tower not 2 months ago to replace a 2000 AP that kept losing sync when it rained.  Replaced it with a new radio and this time didn't use the gps puck.   About  2 weeks ago GPS failed on it, it shows more sats being tracked than it says it sees. Then after a hard rain 2 days ago a 2nd 2000 on that tower (this one has a puck) lost gps sync while the 3rd radio on the tower (also with a puck) works fine so far...

  So for now , 2 radios with GPS sync turned off so customers can connect and one causing interferrence problems with another tower... As much as I didn't want to we are going to pull more cable up this pain in the butt tower so we can  install 3rd party sync gear at the top of the tower because it's impossible to rely on ePMP sync.

These 3 radios are at the top of a 200ft water tank, mounted on a rail. They are only a few feet from each other. No puck is the one claiming 5 Visible while also claiming to track 12...  while the other two have pucks one is obviously suffering from the same problem as the one with no puck.  Also, while the height is different for all 3 they are in fact all exactly the same height (about 447 meters ASL).

We've had much greater occurance of GPS Sync issues after upgrading to 4.4.1. Prior to upgrade we might have 1 AP a month lose sync out of about 70 APs. Since the upgrade, in less than 2 weeks we've had 6 lose sync. Requires a power cycle to restore. So far all have been on 3.20 GPS firmware, so in the process of upgrading all to 5.1. So far about 40% of the time the upgrade fails causing sync to be lost and requires a power cycle. So a slow process.