ePMP 2000 - Our full license has disappeared

We have an epmp 2000 that was the lite version, but we acquired the full version of 120 Sm.
Today the radio rebooted and when came back the license full it was gone, leaving only the original 10 licenses.
We tried to contact the company that sold us the equipment, but the company no longer exists.
We have about 30 subscribers disconnected due to this problem.
How can we solve this?

Crickets...    and Friday afternoon/evening - - bad time to have a problem like this.

You may want to open a support ticket.

You're right.

Cambium even started support, but disappeared after the interaction.

Cambium support in latin america sucks.

You have to be patient with them. Sometimes it can be trying but try to re-iterate your points or bring up examples from the forums in your ticket. We've seen the full to lite problem a couple times and Cambium has to re-issue you the license key to bring it back. 


This one seemed to go pretty smooth.

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I've only had experience with the lite/full license thing once (we unknowingly received lite 2000's instead of the full 2000's).   Anyway as I remember you have to go to 


and enter the keys you bought there to get the keys you need to put on your radio.  As I recall the cambium management thing retains all the keys for you and they are tied to the MAC addresses of the radios right ?  So unless the MAC has changed on the radio shouldn't you be able to just log into the license center thing, find the key you applied to that radio and copy/paste/apply it back onto the radio ?

EDIT: Also, the one time we did have license related weirdness with a radio I had to go to the site, factory default and re-configure the radio to straighten it out.  You may have to power cycle, and default the radio, to get it to work right.  Also note that the 2000 we had this problem with wasn't a lite , it didn't even claim to be a lite, it just rebooted one night and wouldn't allow max connections to be set above 10.