EPMP 2000 problems

Hi im not sure if most of you are having the same issues im having mybe im doing something wrong.
My epmp sector 2000 keeps kicking off my wirless clients then i have to reboot it and they reconnect and sometimes it just goes off for a few minutes like 10-15 mins then comes back on with no log errors

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Could you please let us know FW version running on your ePMP 2000?

Thank you.



There is a known issue in release 3.2.1 where ePMP 2000 stops communicating with the SMs and needs a reboot. If you haven't already, can you please upgrade to release 3.5.1 and monitor for this issue?



Hi im already running 3.5.1

Hey Johnno... does THIS sound like your issue, or are the clients actually dropping from the station list?

Hi, we are currently having two main problems:
The first is that we lose the management of Sm's, the device has a separate vlan of management and to be able to recover the management we must deregister the sm to recover it, this is something that happens to us with all the versions included in 3.5.1.
The other thing that happens to us is that after version 3.0 it was not possible to properly export the radius's own certificates, we have to do it first by hand and then apply the preload config that we use. Any suggestions in welcome, thanks.