ePMP 2000 , Session Drops - SM disassociation

Hello if anyone out there having problem with disconnections /session drops/ disassociations...if your customers are complaining that their internet connection drops for like 1-15 minutes sometimes just for seconds and it happens 2-10 times a day make sure you downgrade the firmware to 3.4.1 on your AP..... you can leave the GPS firmware on 3.5.1

We had this problem for quite some time check the pictures.....this is just some help to anyone struggling with this problem and i hope that it will be ok in the future firmwares. cheers

Please check out THIS thread. If this sounds like the issue you're having, then yes... it's a known issue, it's actually referenced as "15099 On rare occasion, connected SMs may not pass traffic Workaround: Initiate a re-registrations by clicking the Deregister button on the Monitor > Wireless pag" in the most recent beta firmware and Cambium engineers are working on a fix.