ePMP 2000 Suggestions

Include a bracket for mounting to the 1000’s sector antenna.

Make the Ethernet cable hole bigger. ToughCable Carrier doesn’t fit.

ePMP 2000 APs come with a pole mount in the box. Please use that mounting bracket.

I did, but that's a crappy solution.

Ahhh, now I see. The pole mount in the box is meant to mount the ePMP 2000 AP to the pole on its own separately from the antenna, not to the ePMP 1000 AP sector antenna. That may mean that you have two pole mounts instead of one.

I will share the photos with the product team.

While  on the pole, the 1000's cables did (barely) reach the 2000 radio, but they were very tight and weatherproofing would have been challenging. This way (while ugly) seemed like a better long-term solution given that the cable wasn't stressed.

Thanks Mike

 Please change "Not in Development Plan" to "In Development".


A tough one. As you are probably familiar, the e1K antenna was designed with the help of RF ELements and represents our first generation antennas which we EOL'd. The new 5GHz antenna is meant as the premium solution to go with all Cambium products. I just can't see going back and designing a mount for the e2K to go with the 1K antennas. I can reach out to RF ELements and see if they would offer an adapter plate of some sort. Would that work?




Migrating from 1k radios to 2k radios goes a lot smoother when I can actually mount it.

Also, don't forget about my comments regarding the size of the Ethernet cable hole.

I second increasing the size of the Ehternet hole.  It's easier to seal a small cable that doesn't fit snugly that people shouldn't use anyway than it is to safely drill out the hole and kee p it looking decent.

RF Element sector and an adapter for for the epmp 2000 would be beautiful