epmp 2000 want boot

We have trouble with one EPMP 2000 AP. It cant boot and want from TFTP server again and again file named "0CBE10AC.img". Is it possible to obtain it from somewhere or send AP back for RMA?


Just curious, does any part of that name correspond to the ESN/MAC of the AP?

The KB article at http://community.cambiumnetworks.com/t5/ePMP-Troubleshooting/Recovery-of-flash-corrupted-ePMP-devices-caused-due-to-power/m-p/54712#U54712 talks about TFTP recovery from corrupted firmware, but suggests the firmware.bin file is what it would be looking for, so Cambium will probably need to chime in as to whether this is related scenario or something else.


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Hello Tomas,

Please contact customer support for a RMA. In the case of AP platforms (ePMP1000 with GPS or ePMP2000), the boards have two sw banks, so they are resilient to sw corruption. Your case seems like something else.