Epmp 300-25 cpu 100% all of a sudden

We have been seing more and more of these units just spike CPU usage. Rebooting does nothing as CPU utilization goes back up to 100%. We have noticed that most all of them will have the latest firmware in the primary slot but backup firmware is a previous revision like 4.5 etc.

Can’t log into the units and if registered to CNmaestro it loses connection and sometimes will reconnect. Sometimes we are lucky and able to push out the software update again from Cnmaestro to force the secondary firmware slot to the latest as well and that seems to fix the issues.

Hello @accelwireless,

do you have it with FW 4.6.2? Did you get such behavior right after upgrade? How often does it happen?
Could you share your Security and Network configuration pages screenshots?

Sorry We are on
4.6.1-RC27STA If there is a newer version out there please let us know as we have special STA so need newest version with STA capabilities. for epmp 300 series as well as epmp 200, epmp force 180 etc

Please ,open a support ticket and we will provide you STA version of 4.6.2 or 4.7-RC7

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