ePMP 3000, 300, PTP550 Show All WiFi Interferers As 20Mhz Wide Channels

For a few months now we have had 2 ePMP 3000's and one PTP550 link up in a rural area. Spec-an scans showed all interferers as being 20Mhz wide. Did not think much about it. Installed another PTP550 link and 4 ePMP 3000's AP's recently in an urban enviroment and found they also show all interferers as 20Mhz wide when Android WiFi analyzer aps show some of the same interferers at 40Mhz or 80Mhz. 

Will this be addressed in future software releases? If this has already been answered, sorry I could not find it on the forum in any searches related to spectrum analyzer. 

I guess time answered my question. I have always let the spec-an run for only 30-45 minutes, and then turn it off. 

I recently let (4) ePMP3000 sectors run spec-an for about 4 days. I logged in earlier today and was able to see 40Mhz and 80Mhz channels. It must take longer than 30-45 minutes for these larger channels to populate (at least using "Light" mode). 

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>>I guess time answered my question.

How wonderfully philosophical. :slight_smile: Time does heal all wounds, and answers all questions.