EPMP 3000 4th time random reboots for no apparent reason.

This is the 3rd time we have expereinced this issue. Is there a time line when the QOS feature will be enabled in the 3000 and 300 series? I remember seeing a timeline somwhere but I cant seem to locate it as to what features will enabled and when.

Dimetry where do we go to post isuses with using beta firmware I got your info but nowhere does it say beta users go here to report anything. I was waiting all day last Fri for a schedueled phone call from one of your techs and I guess they had other things they were working on so they never called. Is there another forum for those working on the beta stuff and for those of us using beta to report findings? Is there release notes for each new beta release so we know if what we are seeing and expereinecing has already been brought up etc.

Thank you.


If you're having an issue with random reboots, please file a ticket with Cambium Support. There have been a couple of people I've ran into having this issue, and Cambium needs to know so they can track the issue.

As far as QoS is concerned, please see THIS post.

ATM progress between 4.3.1 RC builds is very fast and it would be very difficult to outline the changes in each RC build. I assume you're running RC21 on the AP and clients?

As far as comments are concerned, posting your beta questions and issues in the beta section of the forum would be appropriate.

I have an open ticket tracking all the issues I have been experiencing since getting beta firmware. Trouble is getting a phone call back in a timely manor to discuss and let them log in and look is difficult when you make an appointment and they dont call you, then I send a follow up email I get a sorry can you talk now. Well no unofortunatly that ship sailed 6 hours ago I cant sit around all day to wait for a phone call. I have a business to run, installs to do, support calls to make and the list goes on.

For now I guess its just email back and forth and see what gets lost in translation and i have to go over again with someone else etc. 

I assume there is a dedicated team working on this but not sure if I am dealing with them directly or just 1st level support.