Epmp 3000 and 3000L PTP mode

Hi all, do these radios support PTP?

ePMP3000L supports both ePTP and TDD PTP.
ePMP3000 supports TDD PTP only.

Thank you.

Thank you, what antennas are compatible to use with the epmp 3000/L for a ptp?

Any antenna you wish really, just make sure you have the right RF jumpers or adapters. I’d probably suggest something from RF Elements, or KP’s proline series.

@Eric_Ozrelic thank you for your reply… I am looking to do a 22km link, I was looking into using the force 300csm in ptp but im in canada and can only use the force 300csm with up to a 25db radio.

Use LinkPlanner to model the link and make sure you set you region to Canada… then choose the appropriate or equivalent dBi antenna.

I’d be interested to see how this performs - I guess the difference between f300-25 and 3000L in eptp mode would be processing power - more pps.
Would there be filtering to with the 3000L?