Epmp 3000-ap issue rebooting again

Running 4.6.1 RC27STA unit just rebooted kicking all 40 clients off.

can someone from support respond so I can send you the Tech support file.


First of all please upgrade to official 4.6.1.
RC is BETA release :slight_smile:

Do you work for Cambium? I am seeking assitance for someone to look at the tech file to determine if in fact its something totally unrelated to what version we are on before I go requesting another version with STA availability on it. Makes no sense to blindly upgrade to something else only to cause other problems and not fix the issue at hand.

If you are looking for a Cambium tech then open a ticket. Asking in the forums will net you advice from other operators, some whom have been at this game for 20 years or more and some whom have as much knowledge as the cambium support techs without the tech manuals to reference.
Remember to be nice on here.



Could you share the tech support file to check any sort of crash happened or not in this case.

Please open a support ticket at https://support.cambiumnetworks.com in order to get timely support on this.

Here is the support file from that day.
ePMP-Tech-Support-GCF-Chap-180-1-00_04_56_21_2F_74.zip (1.6 MB)

Thank you ! We shall investigate and come back to you.
Meanwhile could you raise a support ticket and attach the techsupport file for tracking/updates…

accelwirelss, get used to it man - these radios self-reboot, its what they do. Sometimes they can run for a month or two, but it always ends in a self reboot, dumping everyone’s video streams and voip calls, joy.

My ePMP3000’s have all been self-rebooting since I first installed them 30 months ago. They have always done this, no matter what firmware.

Support never helps as of course the support file is no use as the units have just rebooted. Non of my ePMP3000L units do this.

If I didn’t already have hundreds of F300CPE I would pull the lot and use another brand. This line of products has been endless trouble since day one. I do see some amazing performance though, so it’s not all just pain.

Well, in our experience, the 3000 and 3000L AP’s are solid. We are running 4.6.1 Release version, and they generally always have uptime since the last firmware upgrade when we rebooted them intentionally. So (personally) I would NOT think they all always reboot all the time.

The only one we had a problem rebooting (or an ‘ethernet problem’) was one which we used cable with a thicker-than-usual jacket, and when we’d snap the cover on, it was stressing it in a way to make the connector wonky. But, that was it - and that was a physical install issue really… we were trying to force too large a cable, into too small an opening.

So - I know this isn’t really too helpful, but I’m just saying that in our experience, I wouldn’t agree that you just need throw your hands up and give up.


Random reboots are always a power issue, but power issues can be a connector issue. These radios do not need all of the power pins to operate but since they can draw quite a bit of power one pin is not enouth to carry the load. Cables can test fine with a cable tester and still not work, but it may not be the cable side thats the problem. Have your tower tech look at the pins in the ethernet connector and see if any are not where they are supposed to be. This includes slightly smaller or out of place pins. Also check the cable side connector for any of the pin guides being misformed or bent (poor crimp tool alignment). We test for these issues by shaking the cable violently after the radio has been powered and running for 5mins. A simple ping test from a laptop will quickly show failures if there is a problem. Its not definitive but its close to 90% that if its going to fail it will do so then.

That’s a bold statement. There have been a number of reboot-related issues with the 3k hardware that aren’t power-related. It sounds like the original poster’s issue is actually a client shedding one, which is another issue entirely.

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Radio reboots are a power issue, even if its a bad power cap on the board. Yes its a bold statement but it is true. The cause isnt always as easy to determine as we as humans do not think that a simple, stupid thing could cause that issue.

If it was a watchdog/temperature shutdown, then the syslog server (heaven forbid that they are not sending logs to a syslog server somewhere) would show that and the reboot would be not a simple down for a couple mins but the AP would be offline for a lot longer and you would already be tracking the current conditions that correlate to the shutdown.

Client shedding is a completely different issue that does not reboot the AP randomly, though a reboot does resolve the immediate issue. This is why the first questionnis what firmware and the second is usually why havent you upgraded to x.x.x yet?

Remeber the f300’s used to self reboot a lot, then a firmware update fixed it. Was this a power issue too?