ePMP 3000 Augmented Reality


ePMP 3000 in AR using an iPhone XS Max.

Where would this technology be beneficial at Cambium sales, marketing, training, etc?

How would your business as a WISP/MSP benefit from AR?


There is an AR app for satellite installers, no idea how well it does/doesn't work, that shows you where the satellites are. Back when we did a lot of 900Mhz NLOSĀ  I tried several AR "find your car / location" apps where I could input locations and then the AR would show me where those locations (our Towers/PoPs) were when I would look around with my phone.Ā  They were all pretty hit/miss but when they worked it was pretty nice.Ā Ā 

Would be pretty sweet if I could roll up to a install or survey, look around with my phone and have markers for all my towers show up in there. Very nice for NLOS stuff and also usefulĀ for LOS when the location of the tower isn't obvious at first (maybe need several gaps in trees/terrain to line up and BOOM there'sĀ the tower).