ePMP 3000 Beam Steering Antenna

How much benefit will adding the Beam Steering Antenna provide to the AP-3000? I guess my question in part is how do you quantify the benefit of adding the Beam Steering antenna to any Cambium AP - 2000 or 3000?

Hi Devo. The BSA is designed to help mitigate interference affecting upload on the AP side of things. So, if you have a 2000 or 3000 AP, and if it’s suffering from upload interference, then the BSA can help that by steering it’s higher gain and narrower beamwidth BSA antenna to listen to each SM individually.

So, it to answer your question - the way you quantify the benefit, is if your AP is suffering from nearby interference affecting the SM upload.

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How has your BSA performance been with latest firmware? I put one ap and its clients on 4.5.6 and tried “Auto” and “Force Smart Antenna” with performance on uplink becoming absolutely unstable on both settings… all issues disappeared when set to “Force Sector Antenna”

We had similar issues on 4.5.6. Uplink link tests went from 30-40M to 3-6M when BSA was enabled. Disabled BSA and the issue went away. Only tried it on 3000 AP with a few SMs.

Thanks for your reply!