ePMP 3000 compatibility with previous generations ePMP SMs


This is my first post in Cambium, and it will not be the last..

Last year I have switched my whole WISP into ePMP line, and YESSS!!! I am very happy and my customers too..

Now, I am preparing my budget to replace current ePMP 2000 stations into ePMP 3000 (APs - Sectors...).

I have a question that I couldn't find a clear answer for:

- Most of my customers SMs are "Force 180, Force 190" and few of them have UBNT loco. Is ePMP 3000 currently compatibile with Force 180 and Force 190?

- I don't mind switching current UBNT SMs customers into ePMP SMs. Though, is there gonna be an Elevate support or upgrae for ePMP 3000 since some customers have UBNT loco?

I liked the new features like MU-MIMO, but you know customers, they will not accept SM replacement easily, even if it's for the best..

Thanks in advanced,


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Hello Mohammed, and welcome to the Cambium Forums!

The ePMP 3000 radio should start shipping by the end of November. Distributors are taking orders now.

The 3000 is planned to have backwards compatibility with older ePMP radios and elevated radios, albeit with a slight performance hit of around 10%. From what I understand, in order for your older radios to be support by the 3000 in backwards compatibility mode, you'll need to update the software on them. More information on this along with new software should come out when they get closer to releasing it.

If I were you, I'd probably buy one unit to test in house with the legacy units you want to use with it. Sometimes it takes awhile and a few software updates to get the best performance and compatibility out of a new product.