ePMP 3000 Distance coverage

Hello Team,

What is the maximum distance can a ePMP 3000 cover for LOS?

HI, For you to have the most accurate answer Cambium link planner is your best friend.!


From a technical perspective, 124mi or 200km… but this does not represent a realistic/real world perspective.

For clear line of sight, I would say 20 miles is usable with an f300-25 SM and Cambiums 90deg sector. Yes there are better sector antennas available and farther can be reached, but there is a cost to going farther, most noticeably is that the number of concurrent SMs on a sector goes down as there is a fair air delay to reach that far out thus needing more time per SM. Not to mention the curvature of the planet to consider, which is not consistent.

It would be best to use link planner and populate as many planned subscribers you can and be as acurate with both tower height and sm heights as possible.

For reference, we set our cell size to 10miles in rural Saskatchewan with a 10% clutter margin. This seems to be a good trade off as towers are 18 to 20 miles apart and 2ft parabolic ptp dishes top out at 26.5db which gives us 300mbps+ backhaul links and keeps the latency down.