ePMP 3000 Factory reset on its own

Hi all, I have a strange issue happening. I have a ePMP 3000 radio being powered by a martrix TX switch and randomly the ePMP 3000 is going back to factory setting on its own. I have 3 other epmp 3000 radios being powered the same… another strange thing is that when this happened I had another port showing a fault and this is powering a ubiquiti power beam(this issue has happened before without the epmp 3000 going back to factory, have a few posts in the forum in regards to matrix 2012RP issues)


If you’re having power issues on your TX-2012RP; it can cause a device to factory reset, please see the image below. I had this issue once with a faulty PoE injector on a 450i SM, this is because I like to set them to factory reset when someone tries to enter Radio Recovery Console…

I found a compromise between remote power reset and climbing the tower.
I never needed to reset the basic settings in the field, except it caused problems.
Ever since I set up the devices with the settings from the text below, not a single one has reverted to the default settings.
It used to happen before this.

Power sequence reset disabled

Thank you for your replies, I will try that.

We had a 300-25, used as PtP that lost its configuration twice last week, with THAT SETTING.
It’s a remote site, only a poe and with very bad weather in those days, we don’t know what happened.

PS we have several 300-25 and that is the only one having the problem

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