ePMP 3000 micropop high availability

i have a scenario were there will be 1 micropop and 8 300-16 in an industrial aplication.
Customer wahnts a solution that is high availability. would it be sufficient to have 2 micropop on 2 different frequencies with the same (or different) ssid and the subscribers will connect to one or the other and if one fails then they would search out the other one?

Am I overthinking this? Would haveing 2 prefered ap in the sub be sufficient?

Any help would be appreciated

I mean, yeah that would work but if both AP’s are on the same pole with the same power and same pretty much everything else then not really accomplishing much. I say that because it is extremely rare (at least in our experience) that a 3000AP just fails so the most common problems will be electrical issues (surges , lightning, outages) which would most likely take down both APs or if it’s on a utility pole and car or something takes the pole out then again, both AP’s go down. There really isn’t much that would take out 1 AP and not the other.

Really if uptime is the most important thing then a single AP with proper grounding, surge protection and lots of backup power is all you really need (well of course whatever is feeding the bandwidth to the location needs to be just as reliable). The only situation where I can see having a 2nd AP at the same micropop would be if there was suddenly massive interference that was knocking some/all off one AP then possibly the other AP running at a different frequency would not be affected and they would just automagically jump over to it instead.

A 2nd AP doesn’t hurt (well reduces how long your backup power will last or requires more backup power) and sure, if it’s super duper important that there be no down time then it would help in that extremely rare situation where one 3000AP just suddenly fails.


I would agree the EPMP series has been pretty much bullet proof. Its been outside issues that have caused problems such as power, enviromental things like water, animals cheing thru cables or humans cutting cables etc.

you have a higher chance of the SM failing than the MP3K!

I would be asking the customer exactly what kind of redundancy they are expecting and how they would like to see this implemented. Most of the standard concerns can be covered by having an SLA with stand-by hardware ready for a drop in replacement if needed and lots of direct DC stand by power for the AP.