EPMP 3000 Reason 33

I can't find anything on this I am testing this unit with 1 sm before it goes live and I keep getting this 2-3 times a day.

Sep  1 00:00:27 Dustin W kernel: SM associated with AP[00:04:56:22:2a:0f]
Sep  1 00:00:33 Dustin W snmpd[2832]: DFS status: N/A
Nov 25 21:29:16 Dustin W kernel: [20002.700000] SM disassociated from AP[00:04:56:22:2a:0f] F=5535 11naht40plus. Reason: 33 (GPFs MISS)
Nov 25 21:29:31 Dustin W kernel: [20017.840000] SM associated with AP[00:04:56:22:2a:0f]

Any Ideas ? 

What Firmwares are you running?

Is the SM a Force 300, or a 1000/200 series SM?

Did you get an answer? I’ve the same issue!

Hi. This thread was from about 3 years ago, and I think it was about firmware version 4.4.2

All the bugs that were known from 3 years ago have already been fixed in firmware version 4.6.2 already, so I’d say first thing to try is to make sure the AP and all the SMs are running the lattest and greatest version - and then go from there.

Reason 33: SM missed the Group Poll Frame resulting in SM disassociation
What to do: Check for quality of radio connection to ensure that polling information is not lost over a compromised link.