ePMP 3000 showing "Smart antenna disconnected"

I have two epmp 3000 base radios that is still showing Smart antenna disconnected even after upgrading the software versions. I have also checked the pig tail cables and they are firmly fixed on the radio.

What else can I do?

Hi @KOwopetu123,

the screenshot shows SW Do you have the same issue on 4.6.1 or 4.7-RC7?

Dear Andrii

Yes please I have the same issue with the 4.6.1 version

Kindly advice what next can I do please.

Are the cables connected H to H and V to V? I think with them connected properly, the cables should cross?

Do you have the cables crossed? You need to follow the labels on the Radio/Antenna, not the directions/pictures. So, H=H and V=V as per the labels on the radio and the antenna BUT this WILL have the cables crossed - and that’s required in order for it to function.

How the radio is powered? Is there original power brick or something else?