Epmp 3000 slow speed to net

i have problem with epmp 3000 ap + force 300 clients. clients have good downlink capacity and quality, link test in cambium ap is around 90/10Mbps, but when i run speedtest or i try to download some iso than is download speed around 40-50Mbit. I try to set clients unit from nat to bridge, but is same.
On epmp3000 and force300 clients is fw 4.6.0.

What do you think? Where is problem?


Hi, I think you need to post some more info such as channel bandwidth, frame utilization at the moment of the tests, Ip pipe you have, router you are using, switch etc.
I have epmp3000 clients being able to download at 350mbps on a 80mhz channel.

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it’s good speed.
i use 20Mhz channel, frame utilization at the moment of test is around 40-50%. the test was run from notebook without router. epmp3000 is connected behind mikrotik lhg60 and ubiquiti poe switch.

Have you tried to test it using Ookla speed test?. From my experience that test is close to what the Epmp test says. If Ookla is not close to the Epmp test then you must have a bottle neck after the 3000AP.

yes, i’m using ookla speed test. ok, so i must find mistake in another place. thanks

update to i did and the speed difference was impressive. not perfect but my links double in speed.

Edit :

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First, update to, This is minimum.

WARNING: THIS CAN TAKE DOWN YOUR NETWORK DURING TESTS! do this only after making sure you have the correct measures in place. I do not accept responsibility for you following this advise. Though it will tell you definitively if you have an internal problem or if its upstream.

at your tower setup a computer as an Iperf server, then go to the SM and run Jperf to that server. if it passes with in 5% of expected then go to your gateway and do the test again. If you do not have at least the package bandwidth in the second test the look at what’s clogging your network. if that passes move the iperf server to outside your network and try again. This last step tests your gateway router capacity( not your upstream uplink) which should be larger than your backhaul. If all passes with increasing throughput then ookla your upstream to ensure there isnt a routing issue, try servers in areas like Vancouver BC, Toronto ON, Reno NV, Seattle WA, FT Worth TX. This will give you an idea of wide area connectivity as well as trunk speed availability between you and the host servers. Do many different servers and try to hit places with known CDN datacenters.