ePMP 3000 Smart Antenna Issue

i have using smart antenna with ePMP 3000 AP, i have 2 of them and both don’t work, here is the screen shot, i have upgraded to latest firmware, thanks

Did the BSA work before the firmware upgrade?

If they never worked (if they have always not worked for you) then you may have the cables connected incorrectly. On the 3000s, the cables need to be connected H-to-H and V-to-V as marked on the AP and BSA antenna, which means the cables NEED TO BE PHYSICALLY CROSSED.

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they never worked with 3000 but i have others working on epmp 2000 APs

that might be the case, i dont remember how did i connect them so need to check and see.

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yes it was connected wrong, now its working, thanks

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If it shows the antenna connected and “on” then the cables are correct. If the cables were not connected properly it would say off or not connected.

The most frequent issue with antennas is rotten or misconnected cables.

Hi do you really see a big imporvement using that antenna vs not using it? can you share your experience pleas

The most frequent reason for misconnected cables, is manufacturer’s mistake of crossed connectors.


There is something to be said about accurate labeling of connectors and cables. . . . .

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