EPMP 3000 Spectrum analyzer how to determine if its on?

Is there a way in cnmaestro or some other way to determine if the spectrum analyzer is active on sm’s or access points?

Thru the years we have noticed that sometimes it gets turned on and left on becuase a tech forgot to turn it off. I ran into several yesterday with throughput issues and come to find out the spectrum had been running 6+ months!

There has got to be a way to disable this after a set amount of time so its not constantly running. I know I have brought this up at Wispalooza before the pandemic and during the pandemic in this forum and it seemed to go nowhere. I know this has to affect the client performance in some way as well as the AP.

Is there a command I can send out via cnmaestro to just force it off on all units on a tower etc. Better yet why not add this as a feature to time out after say 15, 30, 60 min

Thanks again.

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Via CnMaestro template set this parameter “spectralEnable” to “0”

Whats the actual syntax that it has to be when using cnmaestro? I know cnmeastro is picky on how it wants things written

I also have been mentioning, asking, begging, and eventually jumping up and down and screaming about this. Well, about a number of functionality issues in the GUI, but also specifically about this.

A suggestion I have made many times, which seems like it would be very simple to implement, is to simply put on the title bar a little graphic image shows when the SA is active. Just like an access point has its little GPS graphic icon lit green or red or whatever, it should be simple ‘website programming’ to put a little SA graphic up there too.

The GUI already knows if it’s on or not on other pages, just need to have that information that it’s already displayed in the GUI, displayed on the main page, and that would greatly mitigate this issue. Any tech who logs into any AP / SM when immediately see a lit up SA icon, or a greyed out SA icon.

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I tried to create a template with your command and this is the error I get. I have been thru this before with other features that neede to be turned on or off or changed. You have to put the command under a list of other configuration commands like where in the file to run the command like under wireless settings etc if that makes any sense.

I would think it would be easy to implement a timeout option like this on epmp 300 series.

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It should be like this:

	"device_props": {
		"spectralEnable": "0"


General approach is:

  1. Download device configuration file in text format. It is .json
  2. Delete all lines you don’t want to change
  3. Set values you want to change
  4. Validate .json on any free web site
  5. Upload it as configuration template.
  6. Apply. It will change mentioned in template parameters only. All the rest stay unchanged.

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