ePMP 3000 Unboxing and Deep Dive review

This is a longer video because I really wanted to take the time to go over every component of the build.  This is part 1 of 2 though, so look forward to part 2 which will be primarily just video of the installation, and drone pictures.


Neat video, but it seems to have been truncated right after you open the Smart Antenna box...

Hmmm... I see that, let me check into that.

You should 've made the video last week, had (5) 3000  Ap's and beamforming and Sector antennas to put together. This could have been handy, but we got it . Thanks for the video, watched earlier the PMP 450 3ghz

Thanks for the heads up.  Full video is now uploaded and fixed!


Ben, thanks for the excellent video on the ePMP 3000 unboxing.  A couple of quick points of feedback and to let you know that we are listening and appreciate the constructive criticism (keep those coming...)

1. going forward on new production we are adding the ground lug to the bill of materials.  It may take a bit for those to reach end users but it is in the pipeline.  The ground lug is an M5 x 6mm bolt and we recommended using a galvanized material.

2. fixed the broken link to our quick start guides.  they can be found here:  www.cambiumnetworks.com/guides

3. still working on reducing the tools needed to simplify assembly.  we'll have to get back to you on that one....

- Bruce


Your review is better than mine, I had it set up for testing in my warehouse and it has ran for 4 days and this morning its dead. It has lights for ethernet and power and links up via ethernet  but it is unresponsive (no http or pings) and the CPEs do not see a wireless signal. I tried to reset it multiple times and nothing, ended up starting an RMA.  I have been using epmp since the 1.0 firmware days so I am pretty experienced with their products.