ePMP 3000 with 4.7 firmware issue

We upgraded our Cambium network to 4.7 last week and we have noticed a couple of AP’s that keep dropping customers. We can power cycle the AP add customers back to the AP and be good for about an hour and then the AP reboots itself and customers will not connect back to the AP until it is power cycled remotely. We are seeing this on 1 of our ePMP 3000 radios and 1 ePMP 2000 radio. Has anyone else seen this or have any suggestions on a fix?

Hi @Malessa,

could you PM me a tech support file from you AP right after it has dropped customers?

It is in GUI >> Tools >> Backup/Restore >> Backup Technical Support File

Probably not helpful… but we upgraded the whole network (mostly 3000 but some 1000, 2000) and no issues, other than a small cosmetic display issue

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Thank you for the information. It is helpful to know someone else has upgraded their network and has not seen any issues.

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It seams I have the same problem AP is dropping customers and they are not comeing back … fw 4.7 and worked all fine for some time …after rebooting AP they are back but not normal behavior !
I can PM suport file !

From which versions do you upgrade? You upgrade SMs first, right?

We upgraded from 4.6.1 and yes we did the SMs first.

I don’t know if the issue is related but we had a similar problem just one week ago.

4 CPE disconnected from AP. Rebooted without success by customers.

When connected locally to the CPE in order to resolve the problem we have found 2 CPE reporting “Rejected: Generic authentication failure” on Wireless → Registration State and no way to restore connectivity.

So before trying with the other 2 clients we rebooted the AP and all 4 come back online again.

AP: ePMP3000L FW. 4.6.1
CPE: Force200 FW. 4.6.2

We’ve had pretty bad luck with the upgrade from 4.6.1 to 4.7.0 as well:

Hello Andrii

Same problem here with some AP ePMP2k

I Will open a ticket.

The general situation is that when I upgrade all SMs, and then move the AP to 4.7, SMs above number 15 does not register

Then, Downgrading to 4.6.2 on AP, all SMs recovers connectivity.