ePMP 3000 with Force 130 deployment

Hi, I’m deploying a network of ePMP 3000 (with RF elements antennas) and Force 130 for the subscribers.

The specs of the Force 130 states that It also inter-operates with the ePMP 3000 in backwards compatible 802.11n mode.

I know that I will not take fully advantage of the 802.11ac Wave 2 technology from the ePMP 3000, but the speeds I will offer to my customers are 10Mb, 20Mb & 30Mb that is why the Force 130 are a good fit (and are cheap of course).

So, will the ePMP 3000 still able to connect ~120 Force 130 subscribers?

Yes, they’ll be able to connect… but will you be able to connect 120 subscribers all using that radio? While it might be technically possible, I think it would be a bad idea. The only way you’re going to get optimal performance close to that 120 number is by using all AC clients.

Thanks @Eric_Ozrelic, I actually have two ePMP 3k radios (and thus 4 antennas) in the tower, so for this first iteration I will continue with the Force 130 plan… and I will repurpose them in the future for micropops, or smaller towers, I will flow with the demand and adapt on the fly.

I know the price of the Force130 are attractive - and certainly they would be a better choice than switching to other ‘low cost’ manufacturers. But, if you have 3000 4x4 AP’s, you really really are going to want to use AC clients and not N clients.

You may want to ask your supplier about:

Force 300-13L
Force 300-22L

I don’t know the price difference between a Force130 and a 300-13L – but I think the price difference will be minimal, and performance different will be substantial I think.