ePMP 3000L 4 antenna sector all without GPS Signal

HI all,
today we’ve notice an issues on an 4 antenna ePMP 3000L, here waths append:

  • Installed some day ago 4 new 3000L antenna with 90 degrees sector each, confifured and powered, before starting changin SM antennas (for videosurveillance purpose only)
  • today we’ve started changing SM antennas, the first gone perfect, and the second too
  • at the third antenna SM, we’ve seen that no antenna could be doscovered, so getting back to the sector
  • we’ve seen that no GPS and both antenna gain were discovered by all the sector antennas

we’ve tried to reboot them (via POE disconnection), rreset the antenna, upgraded to the lastest firmware version, tried to downgrade the antenna, but nothing

after that we’ve finally disabled the GPS Sync to let our work go straight…

we see that no antenna on any 3000L could be seen from the web interface (yesterday they see all perfect). The issues appended only after connecting the SMs (all at the same versione of the 3000L of course)

The sector is very close to an LTE mobile sector (if it can be usefull)

What can we try to fix this problem ?

Thanks to all (sorry firmware version 4.6.2)

The e3kL suffers from GPS issues when near LTE towers. You need the square gps puck or the new round, thick ones.
Each gps puck should be facing south (north if south of the equator) and if you can, place them on a flat plate of steel that will block the LTE source. The tower is not enough!

Why e3kL when two e3k in split sector mode would have been better? You gain more throughput, sync over power (which is better than the puck) and future proofing the site. The e3kL is good for micro pop and ptp backhaul. We do have quite a few of them but any place where it makes sense to move to full e3k over the e3kL we have been.

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@luca_passoni were you able to confirm which GPS antenna version you have? Did you try an updated version of the antenna to see if that resolved your issue?