ePMP 3000L cannot boot from new. Adapter blinking when cable is plugged

So, I bought some new ePMP 3000L units and one is behaving funny. From the box, when plugged, the adapter light blinks and radio does not boot. I have changed adapters, changes cables and all sorts. Anyone with an idea on how to fix this?

I have seen this type of behavior after a radio has been hit by lightning, but not with new equipment.

This one is brand-new from the box. Bought directly from Cambium, But to return it is more expensive in terms of shipping & clearing. Therefore I am looking for a probable fix.


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Hi @Fobasanjo,

in case it is a dead on arrival unit we will swap it for free if the warranty is valid.
Rise a support ticket or contact your dealer.
“Submit a request” in the right top of the page https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/

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