Epmp 3000L ptp

Anyone using 2 epmp 3000L in ptp mode? just curious how it performs.

Performs very well. But in the 4.6 and firmware you must use tdd-ptp AP mode and set you SM mac address. On the other end you only the option for tdd or eptp, so use tdd and set the preferred AP so that it doesnt join another AP.

For example on a link that is hindered by lots of noise, I am getting 100mbps both ways at ds8 and when it can get to ds9 I see close to 150mbps both ways. This is on a 40mhz channel, I wish I could use an 80mhz but not going to happen unless my competitors go away!

Thank you for the reply! Im thinking of doing this to replace 2 force 300 25 in ptp mode. Thanks!

Force 300-25 to an e3kL is a good synced ptp. I highly suggest kpPerformances pro line of dish antennas, got a few and like them. Just get 3ft cables.

I have a 300csm on one link to an altelix 3ft (the link with lots of interference) to a e3kL on a kp 2ft and havent had problems with the hardware. Finding 40mhz clean enough problems yes but not hardware problems. Use the square gps puck (sold separately) and do not rely on the internal antenna.

Sweet! Have you ever used a 300csm to a 300csm link? or just a 3000L to a 3000L? The last 3000L I got had a round puckā€¦ should I replace with a square one?

Ditch the round ones.
The e3kL do not come with any pucks. When you buy replacement pucks they should send you the square one, make sure they do as it is a better LNA inside the plastic. Remember to mount them vertically with the cable down, this is the correct orientation according to Talgos the manufacturer. They will work when laid flat but you also can pickup more noise.

The 300csm is basically a e3kL without the gps chip, there is some hardware differences but not much else. Expensive to use a e3kL to e3kL but do-able.
300csm to 300csm is the same as 300-25 to 300-25 but you provide the antenna.