ePMP - 30Mhz (or 25Mhz) wide Channel widths

It would be great if ePMP could add the option(s) for 30Mh and/or 25Mhz wide channels.

Several other brands have the optiion for 25 or 30Mhz channel widths, and it's a good way to conserve spectrum in situations where 100 Mbit of capacity is all that's needed, or all that's available.

There are several places where we have 100Mbit Ethernet coming in from other backhaul gear, or places where the POE/Switch limits us to 100 Mbit Ethernet - and in those locations, it would make sense to have the option to configure the Radio for 25 or 30Mhz wide channels - so that we're not being limited by 20 Mhz channels or so that we're not wasting spectrom with 40Mhz wide channels.

In short - ePMP should have a Radio config option between 20 & 40Mhz channel widths - specifically 30Mhz wide.

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It would be great to have:









So you can use exactly what you need, without having to waste spectrum, and you can use all the spectrum you can if you need as much bandwidth as you can, in ePTP or PMP.

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30 Mhz is a great Idea, 40 most of the time is too dificult to find.

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Any update on this, been under consideration for a very long time... Make up your minds please and change the status.

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Do you plan any changes of frequency wide in the future releases?

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Yes, it'd be great to be able to choose the amount of spectrum width we're using - to both maximize thoughput while conserving spectrum.  I know it's custom re-programming for every firmware release, which is why Cambium removed some of this flexability recently. But it would be good to have 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 Mhz widths (if not 45 and 50 as well).

BUT, for us the main issue is something in the 30 Mhz width.  Without that, we have to make the jump from 20 to 40, double the spectrum use and if we're somehow limited at 100 Mbit anyway - then the choice is "limited below capacity by 20 Mhz" or "wasting spectrum because we're externally limited to 100 Mbit anyway".  With a 25 or 30 mhz channel, we could use all our 100 Mbit, and preserve spectrum at the same time.

Yes, please, I need non-standard channels too. My case is for ePMP1000 in the 6.4 GHz licensed band - currently using 40 MHz wide channels, but the band plan set by our regulatory authority here in Poland actually calls for 28 MHz wide channels, spaced every 29.65 MHz (don’t ask me why). So I’d like to be able to use 25 MHz (within one 28 MHz wide channel) or 50 MHz (within two such adjacent channels) for better use of spectrum that I already pay for anyway. Center frequencies at multiples of 5 MHz are good enough (the 25/50 MHz wide channel still fits within the allocated 28/56 MHz) but better yet if you could actually allow more fine grained setting too (the last channel is 28 MHz centered at exactly 6404.79 MHz but it’s OK to use 25 MHz centered at 6405 because it still fits: 6405+12.5 < 6404.79+14).

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