ePMP 4000 MIB File


Now that ePMP 4000 SM and APs are available do you know when the SNMP MIB file will be made available as well?

Look here :slight_smile:

Will this support the ePMP 4525/4500L/4500?

They should, they’re all part of the same family. For instance, the F400c is the same radio as the F4500L.


Downloaded the MIB file and it will not work I get a General Error when trying to do an SNMP walk in The Dude on this MIB.

So u have to wait for official release.

Are you trying all OIDs at one time? What if you take one current OID and execute snmpget? What will it show?

Does not work. I can read and get data from the old Motorola Canopy MIB file that I had from back when we used PMP100.

Also I just found out having SM in NAT mode with DMZ enabled breaks the ability to do SNMP on the SM. I get a timeout error.

What I am wondering for the SNMP DMZ issue is Cambium not excluding the SM management and system ports from the DMZ properly. Attached is what Ubiquiti changes when you enable DMZ on their CPE (SM).

As you can see they exclude the SM management ports and system ports from the DMZ.

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