ePMP 4000 or 4k Update

Hey all,

Is there any update on ePMP 4k hardware like AP’s and SM’s coming in 2021?

Can you share any technical details like performance improvements, etc?

Any ballpark estimate of when first gear may be available?

Thank you

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Might you give us a sneak peek with some more info on this platform? :wink:

Thank you

You should go to WISPA and you could have talked to the Cambium team.

From what I understand there will be 2 version of the 4K lower Sub6Ghz band and higher band 6Ghz and channel bounding.

I was there. I neglected to ask so I’m here on their official forums now asking the question. You shouldn’t have to go to trade shows to get the same answer I can get virtually.


any more news?

For the record: going to WISPA was not a reality for some (maybe most) of us. Between travel restrictions and the human malware issues going wasn’t an option so share what you know please!