ePMP 4000 Update?

I wasn’t able to attend the trade show this year, and after searching the forums I don’t see any update on the 4k line. With the establishment of the Force 400/425, how far off are we on an ePMP 4000 AP debut? Are we waiting for upper 6GHz to be released?

It’s coming along nicely… the Force 400 and F425 radios for PtP are proving to be excellent radios offering substantial performance over the previous generation. The PtMP AP is in alpha now but again, progress is coming along nicely. I think the biggest single factor in slowing down release is probably the lack of finalized 6GHz AFC/ACS rules for outdoor use by the FCC. Some operators are choosing to file experimental 6GHz STA’s with the FCC in order to test Cambium gear in this space, and again, the results are quite promising. Beta gear will probably be hitting late 2nd or 3rd quarter this year with release happening around 4th quarter and/or close to when the FCC finalizes the rules which is expected to happen hopefully by the end of the year.

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Work in progress. So far we don’t have any estimated terms. It depends not only on FCC regulations but on different functionalities development.

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What about force 400 and 425 GPS Sync?
This is the one thing that is keeping us from upgrading to the F400 for some of our PTP links.


This would necessitate a hardware revision, possibly redesign, no?

a bit, but considering how fast the e3kL came out and its only failing is the lack of sync over power. . . .

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