Epmp 400c default password issues?


I do own a few epmp 425’s and never had any issues with it but right now I do a pair of epmp 400c, when I did the factory reset thing, the default admin/admin password wont get me to sign in. it also weird that instead of the specific version of the radio on the top left of the web page, it say VINTAR CAMBIUM.

Anyone else know how to address this issue?

also weird that no matter how Ive tried to visit, page doesnt seem to load but loads.

If you clear your cache/cookies OR you use a completely new/different web browser does the default U/P work?

The one that says vintar cambium has been reset successfully via remote factory reset method (4x power cycle thing).

Now with this one however, it comes up no problem, but the issue is the password, it wont access admin/admin.

Also did all that now and issue still persist. :frowning:

Connect device to the cloud and reset password via script :slight_smile:

This is resolved! Ive got the old password from whom I got it from. Thank you!!!

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